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Pickup station and parcel locker – Servicebox

Click & collect lockers – drop off and pickup around the clock

Servicebox is a delivery and collection station and LockTec's last-mile-solution. Whether as a parcel locker and package station for service providers or as a pickup station with click & collect for end users - this special transfer system is used wherever packages and goods are to be handed over quickly, easily and round the clock. The smart electronic lockerscan be used to facilitate transfer processes within a company or servethanks to theClick & Collect system as a pickup point for customers.

LockTec's smart parcel locker software allows the system to be used by different suppliers at the same time - multi-carrier system Servicebox.  In addition, the smart click and collect lockers can be customized to meet your specific needs, making it extremely versatile.


Standard Columns

LockTec Servicebox lockers are supplied in 12 standard column configurations:


Repair Service
Faulty equipment is delivered to the electroniclocker system. It is returned after repair via the lockers.

Real estate lockers with click and collect. Pickup station for parcels and services for flats, apartments and hotels.

Parcel Point
The parcel service provider delivers parcels directly to the smart package lockers. The customer can then collect them from the click and collect lockers.

Service Point
Every service providers can deliver goods via the smart parcel lockers - smart parcel locker software for multi-carrier function.

Parcel Delivery Point - Business
Employees can collect their private parcels at the smart locker system.

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